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Quality service starts with you, the customer. Josh, the owner of Patton Electric and a master electrician, is a hardworking family man with a passion for helping people. Building a good working relationship means providing outstanding services for every customer. You won’t find Josh cutting corners in favor of profits. You and your family’s safety is paramount when Patton Electric completes a project. 

When we say we’re the best, we mean it. With our dedication to our customers, we get to know each and everyone of them and their projects. We work with our guiding values of Service with Integrity in every interaction. Working with our values at the forefront of our business model means that our customers are treated like friends and not invoices.

Residential Services

Your go-to residential electrician for remodels, safety inspections, buying/selling home reports, adding in new lighting fixtures, installing a new ceiling fan, panel upgrades, or dedicating a circuit just to your bathroom or kitchen needs.

Commercial Services

Patton Electric can provide services from inspections and troubleshooting electrical issues in your commercial building, to a full install of the wiring and lights for a new office building or warehouse.

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Honest Service You Can Count On

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With a customer-first perspective, you know that the wool won’t be pulled over your eyes for the sake of a sale. Every free consultation is honest and in-depth. Patton Electric aims to please, because happy customers recommend their friends and call again for future work. 

When we give a quote and present an invoice at the end of the job, you’ll know exactly what services you received in detail, and with no added hidden fees or ridiculous charges. We appreciate transparency in business and know that our customers do too. 

Shady sales tactics don’t fall into our value system. Honesty and integrity drive our business, and without them, we can’t fulfill our mission. It’s essential that our clients feel heard, respected, and valued.

We consider each customer to be more than a contract or a job. Every customer is a member of our business family and a friend in our community.

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Experience of Time

When you have a good mechanic, it’s a no brainer that you’ll keep going back. Patton Electric wants to be top of mind when your friend asks, “Hey, do you know a good electrician? I’m having an issue.”  With decades of experience, we’ve seen every issue that can come up with old or improperly installed electrical wiring. 

Patton Electric Gallery of Work

We’ve worked on restoration projects, maintenance projects, and new build installations. Every type of job requires a different set of skills. With our experience in the field, we’ve worked with just about every situation an electrician can expect - and some we didn’t.

With over 20 years in the business, Josh is a master electrician with a solid reputation. His reputation speaks for itself with reviews and recommendations on Facebook, Yelp, and other review platforms.

Patton Electric Gallery of Work
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No Job Too Small

Whether you're adding a dedicated breaker for your holiday lighting or simply swapping out a light fixture during your next remodel, we’ve got you covered.

Give us a call to get a quote, discuss your electrical needs, and make a game plan for your project.

Remember, our experience and expertise also includes recreational vehicles and on up to commercial contracts. We’re happy to accommodate a number of different types of jobs. We want to be the company you call when you need to troubleshoot a seemingly insignificant crackle or rewire before you sell your property. 

A good electrician finds a special kind of joy in troubleshooting problems. Josh has made it his life work to serve his customers electrical needs and enjoys solving the issues that arise. Repairing or upgrading your home or business equipment to operate more efficiently and safely is a rewarding part of the job.

Need Professional Electrical Services?

Contact Us Today For a Free, No Obligation Quote!

professional electrical services

Support Local Tradespeople

While Josh specializes in Rogers & the greater Northwest Arkansas area, he is licensed, insured, and bonded to work throughout the state of Arkansas. Supporting small businesses, and especially local small businesses, help keep the local economy thriving. By hiring Patton Electric for your electrical job, you’re supporting a family in the community and keeping the cash local. 

Further benefits of supporting local tradespeople are that they support their local businesses in return. Patton Electric offers military discounts and supports local schools and sports teams. We are proud and dedicated members of our community and will continue to support those around us through our hard and reliable work.

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Finding an Electrician Near Me

Sometimes, you will find yourself frantically searching for a tradesperson. An emergency has occurred, and you need to have service as soon as possible. When you look for an electrician near you, it’s critical that you don’t commit to the first person you call. There are a few things you should keep in mind before you book a contract with them. Some of those items are:

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Positive Reviews

Look at their reviews. When browsing reviews, one thing to keep in mind is that people tend to share bad experiences more often than good ones. Take negative reviews with a grain of salt. Josh strives to make a great impression the first time around and is proud of his work. 

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Full Service

You can rely on Josh to show up to a job site ready to complete the task at hand, but he is also available for emergency services, extended jobs, inspection and insulation projects, and more. He reminds his community that no job is too small for Patton Electric.

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We will set up a free consultation to discuss your specific needs for your electrical project. Remember, no job is too small. We’re excited to welcome you to the Patton Electric family. We will work with you to create the perfect solution for your lighting upgrades, wiring repairs, or other electrical projects. 

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