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Patton Electric proudly serves the Northwest Arkansas region. This is our home, and we’re proud to be a part of the local community. You can find us working with families and businesses throughout the area as your go-to NWA Electrician.

Patton Electric

Josh Patton calls NWA home and enjoys his community involvement. Restoration projects, remodels, and upgrades are a large part of his trade. Give us a call at Patton Electric to discuss your project, your goals with the project, and work with us to make an action plan. 


Gentry, Arkansas, is a beautiful city of approximately 3,158 people. It was founded in 1894 and rests in the Ozark Mountains. It’s known for its historic buildings, and these older homes and buildings present a unique issue when it comes to electrical maintenance. Updating the electrical systems in these old places is key to keeping them safe.


Gravette, Arkansas, is home to Patton Electric. This relatively small community, at approximately 2,400 people, is part of the Fayetteville-Springdale-Rogers statistical area. This town has a rich history in the local railroad.


Rogers, Arkansas, is a city of approximately 68,669 people and is also in the Ozark Mountains. One of its major claims to fame is that the city was home to the first-ever Wal-mart store. Rogers is also known for its full railroad history. With a large population and many businesses, Patton Electric is ready to face any electrical task you need help with.

Siloam Springs

Siloam Springs shares a border with West Siloam Springs, Oklahoma. Founded in 1882, this town was built around the reported healing properties of the natural springs. Its neighboring city, across the border, is part of the Cherokee nation, and is built around the history of trading with the natives. Now, the city is making a name for itself through its restoration efforts of the historic downtown area. Restorations go hand in hand with electrical work, and Patton Electric is excited to be a part of this project.

Bella Vista

Bella Vista, Arkansas, is a resort city. Established in 1971, it started life as a summer vacation resort. It later became an unincorporated retirement community. Home to golf courses, parks, clubhouses, lakes, and fishing locations, this city has a plethora of attractions for families. Patton Electric has worked with many residents, and business owners in this area.


Bentonville, Arkansas is the ninth-largest city in Arkansas. The population is approximately 54,909 people, and it has a thriving industrial complex. Bentonville is home to the Wal-mart world headquarters. This city is full of history, as part of the Trail of Tears during the Cherokee Nation's relocation, and was host to both armies of the Civil War without seeing battle. The community is working with local contractors to restore historic buildings.

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