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Best Electricians for Child Proof Outlets in the NWA

Child Proof Outlet Installation in Rogers, Arkansas

As a homeowner and parent, electricians are a trade you can’t live without. Why? These contractors can install child proof outlets, so your kids can stay safer.

Standard electrical plugs are a constant source of shock hazards, especially for little ones. You also can’t always depend on plastic inserts for reliable child-proofing results.

Patton Electric knows how to keep your loved ones safer with affordable contractor services. Wherever you have dangerous outlets in Rogers, AR, we’re here for you.

Children aren’t the only ones at risk, but your pets and older kids can be also. Keep them all safe at low costs with improved electrical outlets at home.

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What are Child Proof Outlets?

Child proof outlets help prevent shock damage and electrical burns, which unfortunately occur all too often. Infants and toddlers are naturally curious and that can quickly lead to trouble.

Around 2,400 children are injured by electrical outlets every year. Even though they might be too young to know differently, your loved ones could be at risk.

Some parents purchase inserts made of plastic to keep them safer. However, they can still be pried off and pulled away with enough force.

Instead, we offer a professional solution to frequent threats facing your young children. Contact us now to keep your home safe for your family and others.

Child Proof Outlet Installation in Rogers, Arkansas

How Do Child Proof Outlets Work?

Childproof outlets are a relatively new addition to household hardware mixes. These safer sockets are also known as Tamper Resistant Receptacles or TRR.

These electrical outlets utilize a spring-loaded faceplate that keeps the plug covered. Parents must apply pressure to both sides of the cover, using equal amounts of force.

TRRs are simple for adults to use while offering a practical safety upgrade for children. Once they’re in place, your infants won’t be able to access the socket within them.

You can think of these child proof outlets like prescription medication bottles. See why parents have improved peace of mind after having these products installed, and contact us today.

Can I Install Child Proof Outlets by Myself?

Standard electrical outlets screw to the wall easily, but some homeowners think TRR is DIY-friendly. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case and it’s best to hire a certified electrician for this project.

The reason why is because the installation includes the neutral, ground, and “hot” wires. We must unhook, replace, and install the new outlet, working with them all.

Even cutting your home’s electrical main breakers off isn’t enough to keep yourself safe. In the end, it’s worth bringing in the experts for your family’s safety.

Many regions have asked that their local building ordinances include child proof outlets. Make sure you get yours installed correctly with our experienced contractors.

Electricians for Child Proof Outlets Near Me AR

The Best Electricians for Child Proof Outlets in the NWA

When discussing your child’s safety, you only want the best solution possible. That is why you need our experienced electricians and our affordable installation services.

No matter how many sockets you have, we can keep them all safer for your pets and children. Hire the electricians behind Patton Electric for safer childproof outlets at low costs.

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