Let’s Get Organized! Tips To Help You Get Your Electronic Devices and Cords Organized

Charging Stations

Are you sick of seeing endless charging cables strewed about your house? Not only is it unsightly to have tangled piles of cables and cords hanging out in every corner of your home, but it can be stressful trying to find the right cord. 

How many times have you wondered where in the world your phone charger was? Our lives are busy and spending time searching for charging cables is a waste of valuable time and energy. 

Having a charging station set up keeps those cords in one place eliminating stress and saving time. Instead of dragging cables around, your family will get in the habit of bringing their device to the charging station where they know they can always find their charger. 

Let’s Get Organized! Tips To Help You Get Your Electronic Devices and Cords Organized

If you have a family, you may even want to set up multiple charging stations throughout the home. Kids often have their own collection of rechargeable devices—laptops, phones, tablets, bluetooth speakers, EarPods...you name it, kids these days got it! 

Consider setting up a charging station in each of your kids bedrooms so they can be responsible for keeping their own devices charged and organized. 

A charging station in an area where your family congregates with their devices is also a good idea. Think family room, home office, near the kitchen island...wherever you see your family relaxing or working often outside of their bedrooms is a good spot to set up a charging station. 

There are endless ways to set up an organized charging station, whether you buy a charging station, or create your own DIY version, or set one up in an unused drawer—pick a spot and a system and get your charging stations set up to make your life a little easier!

Label Your Cords

There are a few reasons to label your electronic device cords. The first reason is to simply know whose cord is whose. Cables can get worn down over time...if you have someone in the house who doesn’t care for their cables as well as others, you certainly don’t want to end up with their cable that only works half the time. 

Keep everyone in the family responsible for taking good care of their own cords by labeling them with their names. 

This can be done a few different ways: use a permanent marker to put names on the wall charging block, or you can use some masking or washi tape to pinch around the cord itself and write the names on the tape. 

If your family is always getting their earbuds mixed up, go ahead and label those too.

USB Multi Charging Cables

USB Multi charging cables

If you’re a parent you may be familiar with arguments over charging electronics. If you don’t live alone, you’ve most likely heard someone yell “who unplugged my phone!?” 

Nothing is more frustrating than plugging your device in to charge only to come back an hour later to find it unplugged and uncharged...and then finding someone else's device in its place. Ugh—modern day problems. 

USB multi charging cables are compatible with many types of devices—phones, ipads, bluetooth speakers, tablets, kindles, EarPods and more. Picking up a few of these for your home and travel needs is a great idea. 

They can eliminate the need for many cords in your charging stations and are perfect for traveling so you don’t have to carry lots of cords with   you. 

Be sure to check the specifications before purchasing to ensure you choose one that’s right for your charging needs.

Cord Organization

Every single electronic device we purchase and bring into our homes comes with some sort of cable or cord. And boy...do those cables and cords create a ton of clutter!

No matter how many labels we put on these cords when they come in the house, if they aren’t sitting in the charging station non stop, they still need to be housed somewhere. 

tangled electronic device cords

First, create a storage solution using an old drawer or plastic storage unit that will fit all of the cords in your life. 

You can label each drawer and separate them into categories like: Audio, USB, Video, Power Cords etc.

Or, depending on how many and what kind of cords you have, you may want to put the cords in ziplock baggies and label them right on the bag with the name of the device they go to. This system will help keep all your chargers, headphones, and other cords untangled and organized. 

Then, you can store the baggies in an upright position in any style bin that you like for easy access. Next time you need the USB cord to your camera, you’ll know where to look and you’ll save your sanity! Win-win! 

Organizing this time of year can help us feel a little more in control of our lives and make our homes more comfortable for the long winter ahead. 

Let’s face it, organizing comes more natural to some of us than others. Whether you are typically super organized or not, with a little creativity, some labeling, and simple storage solutions you probably already have lying around the house, you can make sense of the sea of electronic devices and cords in your home in no time. 

No matter how you choose to reel in your electrical cords this winter, you’ll feel better once the task is complete once and for all!

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