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Patton Electric calls Gravette, AR, home, making it our base. With Gravette’s history in railroads and its involvement in many aspects of the US heritage, the architecture is beautiful.

However, old buildings often mean outdated electrical systems. Patton Electric is here to help you remedy old systems in your next upgrade or remodel.

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Electrician Near Me - Gravette, AR

You can depend on Josh Patton, of Patton Electric, to provide you with comprehensive, honest, and quality electrical work. Gravette is his home, and he’s a proud member of the community. When you look for your next electrician, know that Patton Electric is your top electrician in Gravette, AR.

Residential Services

Patton Electric Gallery of Work

Gravette holds a place dear in the hearts of train lovers around the country. Its historical involvement in industrial modernization is paramount to the region's success.

As such, there are many homes, complexes, and businesses that grew out of the Golden Age. Patton Electric is here to help with updating the electrical systems in your home. Some of the services we provide are:

Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits

Installing new lighting fixtures seems simple, but is best left to professionals. Adding new lights where they weren’t before is a complex project.

A common example of upgraded lighting is adding new fixtures to indoor ceilings. In living or kitchen spaces, they tie the room together.

Adding Dedicated Circuits

Kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces easily short circuit breakers. Creating a dedicated connection for these rooms prevents common problems.

Your appliances don’t have to compete with other devices. Protect your TV, lights, and other electronics today.

Hardwired Smoke Detector Installation

The persistent chirping of battery operated smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors can get on your nerves quickly. It seems like just as soon as you replace it, it’s chirping again. Prevent this annoyance by hardwiring your alarms into your home’s power.


Working with older buildings comes with risks of non compliant circuits. And they pose the danger of starting a fire or shorting out in use. Patton Electric can update or replace your old equipment today.


One of the most common needs for home inspections is buying a home. Both the lender and your insurance company need to know everything stays working well.

Generator Installation

In case of emergencies, your generator is a lifesaver. Having a home preemptively set up with them can save you a lot of stress. 

Outlet Repair

When your outlet doesn't get power, it could be a red flag of other issues. Patton Electric will troubleshoot and repair the problem.


Repurposing or redesigning a home can bring about electrical challenges. Patton Electric is ready to take on whatever your renovation tosses your way.


Sometimes, we find electric gremlins. We're not quite sure what's causing problems, but they need our help. Josh Patton is also known as a troubleshooting electrician master.

Regular Maintenance

People don’t typically maintain their electrical equipment very well. However, if you have a professional visit and repair damages regularly, it’s cost-effective. You’re less likely to need to call in an electrician for emergency services.

Emergency Services

Whatever the emergency, Patton Electric is available. Call us for sparking outlets, hot connections, bad wires and other emergencies.

New Build Projects

Building out a new home, shed, workshop, or similar project requires designing and putting together a complex electrical system that will serve you and your family for years to come.

Commercial Services

Patton Electric is here to help you with your businesses as well. Some of the many different commercial services we provide are:


Even new properties for your business should have an inspection. Cover your assets by ensuring that properties stay safe from dangers relating to electrical systems.


Prevent costly breakdowns by calling us. We maintain lights, display systems, alarms, and point of sale systems.


If you’ve got a problem with your electrical system, call Patton Electric. We can identify the issue, and create a plan of action to repair it.

Security System Dedicated Wiring

Having your security and surveillance system on a separate circuit means 24-hour protection. Maintain your business' safety when and if power becomes cut or lost.

Custom Lighting Installation

Displaying products in shops is important to running a successful business. Without proper lighting and display options, people can’t see your merchandise.

Patton Electric - Northwest Arkansas

Driven by southern values, Patton Electric is here to help. Your electrical needs receive genuine honesty and integrity.

No job is too large for our dedicated company. Give us a call and schedule your free consultation now.

No matter what project you have in mind, hire us. We look forward to working beside you and your Gravette, Arkansas, region home, or business. 

 Maintaining electrical equipment keeps you, your family, and patrons safe. Having updated components saves you money in the long run and improves efficiency.

When you search for a local Gravette electrician to complete your project, choose the best. Not all electricians are created or trained equally.

Trust the electrician that the community calls on most often.

Need Professional Electrical Services?

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