Landscape Lighting Installation in Rogers, Arkansas

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One item missing from your yard in Rogers, AR, is landscape lighting. Landscape lighting installation is a straightforward way of making any outdoor area attractive and easy to navigate.

The right combination of fixtures will highlight the best features of your yard, while also improving safety. As a result, your lawn sees more use and value, especially when hosting a gathering.

Patton Electric transforms boring yards with a range of affordable options. We help you find the best mix of landscape lighting that boosts your curb appeal.

You can’t rely on hardware stores to offer outdoor lighting that you want. Instead, hire us for your backyard project with professional lighting solutions at low costs.

The Best Landscape Lighting Installation Near Me Rogers, AR

You can find cheap landscape lights sold in stores, but we don’t recommend them. They tend to wear out quicker than anticipated and they don’t offer much illumination.

We only use commercial-grade landscape lighting to achieve the best results possible. Whether you have specific plants to feature or want to light up walking paths, we can highlight them all.

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It doesn’t take many well-placed, high-quality lights to transform your yard. Show off your trees, shrubs, and flowers with safe and effective lighting options, such as:

  • Landscape Highlighting
  • Landscape Silhouetting
  • Light Shadowing
  • Grazing Lights
  • Landscape Moonlighting
  • Landscape Spotlights
  • Outdoor Floodlighting
  • Area Lighting
  • Pathway Lights
  • Step Lights
  • Decking Lights
  • And other landscape lighting needs

Dozens of different combinations can bring out your property’s best features. Show them all off at affordable prices and hire us today.

How Does Landscape Lighting Installation Keep My Home Safe?

We like to picture our homes as our private sanctuaries, but that isn’t always true. Anyone with a pet that goes out at night knows hidden creatures are creeping around.

Coming home after a busy day means trying to unlock doors in the dark. Should someone be lurking close by, you could easily become a target.

Landscape lighting installation makes any outdoor area safer. By highlighting walking paths and creating ambient light, it’s harder for bad guys to hide.

Even motion-triggered lights can scare off jumpy burglars looking for a quick score. Keep your property better secured with our affordable lighting services today.

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Why Hire Us for Landscape Lighting Installation?

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While many landscaping companies offer lighting services, some probably shouldn’t. However, our certified electricians provide the best service possible at the right price.

We ensure your yard not only looks great but remains safer as well. That includes making sure that it isn’t the lights putting you at risk.

The last thing you need is an electrical fire amongst your plants. We guarantee that you receive the best installation possible and at low costs.

Our experienced contractors are ready to provide you the best outdoor lighting solutions now. Contact us for decorative, functional, and affordable landscape lighting for any yard.

Landscape Lighting Installation Near Me Rogers, AR

Don’t settle for cheap landscape lighting that won’t offer much help. Patton Electric offers superior lighting services every day.

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