Lighting Issues & Flickering Lights

lighting and flickering lights repair

Lighting Issues and Flickering Lights in Rogers, Arkansas

While not all maintenance problems are obvious, lighting issues are flickering lights are pretty obvious. Superstitious homeowners living in Rogers, AR, may even blame spirits and spooks.

However, the answer is always to hire a local electrician and not an exorcist. Otherwise, your building is at heightened risk of fire from faulty wires and old bulbs.

At Patton Electric, we keep your home safer from lighting issues, flickering lights, and buzzing. These tell-tale signs of worn-out electrical equipment need to be handled quickly.

When the lights dim every time you use a device, something isn’t working correctly. Prevent unnecessary risks from arising with old electrical components and hire us today.

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Lighting Issues in Rogers, AR

You thought the living room used to be brighter, but today it’s much dimmer. When you check the switch, it feels warm to the touch.

Both of these items are common and incredibly dangerous when left ignored. Although a culprit can be a burnt-out lightbulb, bad wiring never fixes itself and should be addressed immediately.

An avoidable mistake many homeowners will make is cramming too many plugs into sockets. Although they are relatively weak floor lamps, you can still overwhelm the outlet.

Installing a high-wattage bulb where it doesn’t receive enough power can also cause shorts. If you don’t know how to address your lighting issues, call us for affordable repairs.

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Flickering Lights Rogers, AR

When lights start to flicker, it means they aren’t receiving enough power. If that is the case, then it’s likely that the wiring has worn out.

Even though it’s a straightforward fix, some homeowners will ignore this problem. They may think it’s not too concerning or even a little charming.

If the connection starts arcing, your home becomes even more at risk for electrical fires. Arcing is when power leaps from one wire to the next, like small lightning bolts.

When this happens, it means building materials are getting scorched in the process. The only way to prevent a disaster is to call a professional electrician right away.

Why Hire Us for Your Lightning Issues and Flickering Bulbs?

When lights take on a strobe-like effect, it could have several causes. Anything from a bad outlet switch to old wires can make lights flicker.

It also could be as simple as your lamp or phone charger wearing out. When you aren’t sure what has affected your lighting, you need an experienced electrician.

We know how to track down the source of any lighting concerns. Whether it’s a switch, outlet, or a breaker, we know what to do.

Old wires and lighting issues account for more than 28,000 home fires every year. Don’t let your home or office become one of them and hire us for your electrical repairs.

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Fix Lighting Issues and Flickering Lights in Rogers, AR

When your home has lighting issues, you can’t take a wait and see approach. Flickering lights are dangerous and shouldn’t be ignored. Hire Patton Electric now for affordable repairs.

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