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Patton Electric is proud to serve the community of Siloam Springs, AR. This town shares a border with West Siloam Springs, OK.

However, its rich history comes with beautiful, but dated, architecture. Old buildings often stay out of code compliance and need upgrades to the electrical systems. That is especially true before remodels or restoration projects can proceed.

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Patton Electric takes the guesswork out of finding a dependable electrician for your next remodel. The key to any project's success and lasting results is finding contractors you trust. Since day one, Patton Electric is still here to help complete your job beyond expectations. 

For more than 20 years in business, Josh Patton stays ready to finish your electrical projects. As a local provider, Patton Electric can offer expert skills to your project. Ensure that the same person works from start to finish with us. 

Residential Electrician
Siloam Springs, AR

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Siloam Springs has plenty of older homes undergoing upgrades, retrofits, and remodels.

Patton Electric provides the best residential electrical services in the community. Some of those services are:

Lighting Upgrades & Retrofits

Installing new fixtures and existing wiring seems straightforward. And yet, it’s best left to the professionals for your own safety.

Adding new lights in empty spaces can be a complex project. A common example of retrofitting lighting is installing entry chandeliers inside of an older home.

Adding Dedicated Circuits

Kitchens and bathrooms usually need GFCIs to avoid tripping breakers. Creating a dedicated circuit for these rooms helps prevent problems.

It’s because your thirsty appliances do not draw power from TV and light circuits. Give your electronics a better setup today.

Hardwired Smoke Detector Installation

Battery-operated smoke detectors and carbon monoxide meters can quickly get frustrating.

It seems like once you replace them, they chirp again. Prevent this annoyance by hardwiring your alarms into your home’s panel.


Working with historic buildings always comes with the risks of outdated circuits. These can pose the danger of starting a fire, or even sparks while in use.Patton Electric can update or replace out of date systems.


Sometimes, you assume it’s gremlins. You’re not quite sure what’s causing an issue, and it requires a professional. Josh Patton is widely known as a troubleshooting genius.

Regular Maintenance

People don’t typically think about maintaining their home’s equipment. Electrical systems often get taken for granted. When you have a professional inspect and repair minor damage, you likely don’t need emergency services.

Emergency Services

During any emergency, from shorting equipment to hot outlets, Patton Electric is available to assist. Call us for scheduled care or immediate concerns.

New Build Projects

Building a brand-new home, shed, workshop, or similar spaces requires designing and reliable electrical systems. They should serve you and your family for years to come.


When you purchase a home, you often need an inspection for electrical systems. This is for lenders and insurance policies to provide coverage of your home, knowing it’s in good working order.

Generator Installation

In case of emergencies, a generator could prove beneficial. Having your house set up with a secondary power source saves you a ton of stress. 

Outlet Repair

When your outlet doesn’t provide power, it could mean something worse is going on. Patton Electric will troubleshoot and repair it for you.


Repurposing or redesigning a room can bring about unexpected challenges. Patton Electric is prepared to take on whatever your job throws your way.

Commercial Services

Patton Electric also provides the best commercial electrical services in Siloam Springs. Keep your businesses running at their best with such services as:


If you’ve got a problem with your electrical components, Patton Electric can help. We identify the issue, and create a plan to repair it.


Before moving to a new property for your business, it’s best to stay prepared. Ensure your property has been inspected for dangers relating to faulty electrical systems.


We maintain your lights, display systems, alarms, and POS registers. Hiring us will prevent costly breakdowns.

Security System Hard Wiring

Having your security cameras and alarms on a separate circuit means maintaining your business' safety. Keep monitoring your space, even when the power is cut or lost.

Custom Lighting Installation

Displaying products is one of the most important aspects of running a shop. Without proper lighting and exhibit options, people can’t find your products.

Patton Electric - Northwest Arkansas

Driven by traditional values, Patton Electric is here to help you with honest pricing. No job is too challenging for this dedicated contractor. Josh Patton is a master electrician, and started working over 20 years ago. He is proud to serve his community today. 

Call today to schedule your free consultation for any project you have in mind. We look forward to working with you and your Siloam Springs, Arkansas, home or business. 

Maintaining updated electrical equipment keeps you, your family, and customers safe. Unfortunately, not all electricians are created or trained equally.

See why area homeowners and business owners choose us. Trust the electrician that the community calls on most. 

Need Professional Electrical Services?

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