Standby Generators: Should Your Home Have One?

Here we are...finally at the end of 2020. A year that has made not only Americans, but people all over the world take stock of what’s truly important in life. After a year of such uncertainty, most of us understand, now more than ever, how important the comforts of homes are. 

Families have spent more time at home this past year than any other. Our homes are of paramount importance in a world that seems upside down and homeowners are doing what they can to make home as comfortable and safe as possible.

One of the big trends we’ve noticed this year...more and more homeowners are installing standby generators. Between unpredictable weather and the fact that our country's power grid is aging, power outages are becoming more and more frequent. 

generator installation

Being prepared is smart and makes a huge difference in the face of a natural disaster. We can’t control the weather...and we can’t control when the power grid goes down, but we can be prepared for it. Installing a standby generator is a step we can take for our families comfort, and in some cases, our families safety.

Standby vs Portable Generators

For one, standby generators have a transfer switch that automatically switches your generator on when it detects a power outage. Then, when the outage is over, it automatically reconnects your home to the grid.

Portable generators need gasoline to power them. So not only is it a lot of work to keep refilling them, and some can take up to 20 gallons a day depending on what you’re running, but it can be dangerous having to transport and store all the fuel you need to keep them running. 

Standby generators use propane or natural gas so you don’t have to keep putting gasoline in it throughout the day—they last longer without having to be refueled so frequently. 

Portable generators usually only produce enough power to supply your most critical electrical needs, like lighting and keeping your refrigerator running. If you experience a prolonged outage a standby generator can supply you with enough power to keep a sense of normalcy in your daily routine. 

Standby generators are an investment, but they’re the best source of back up electricity a home can have. 

Although a portable generator is cheaper, you have to do a lot of work to get it up and running and to keep it running, whereas a standby generator turns itself on the moment it detects the power outage and then will reconnect to the grid once the power returns.

A few more reasons a standby generator is a good idea:

Food Spoilage

One of the first things we worry about when we lose power is the possibility of all the food in our refrigerator and freezer going bad. Groceries are expensive, especially if you’re feeding a whole family. 

How many times have you had a power outage the day after you restocked your refrigerator? Such a frustrating experience and a waste of money if you can’t keep all that food cold. A standby generator will keep the power flowing and keep your food safe.

food preserved by generator

Protect Your Appliances

Another thing that’s not cheap...our appliances! When the power comes back on after an outage, there is a  surge of electricity that can damage your appliances and electronics. A standby generator protects your appliances from being damaged. You may not always be home to turn off appliances and unplug them every time there’s an outage. 

A standby generator won’t damage your appliances because the transfer switch will reconnect your home once it detects that the power is back up, avoiding any surge.

Home Office

Home office

A lot of people are working from home these days. Whether you are running your own business or working remotely, one thing’s for sure—time is money and not having power to run your office equipment means downtime. 

Maybe you have kids who are distance learning or home schooling—a power outage may also mean they aren’t able to connect to online classes. 

A standby generator can keep your home office up and running even when the grid is down.

Medical Devices

If someone in your home is dependent on a medical device, then a standby generator is a no brainer. Ensuring that the medical device will still be powered in the event of an outage brings peace of mind knowing you’re loved one will be safe from losing their necessary medical device.

Well Water

If you have well water, some sort of generator becomes a necessity in the event of prolonged power outages. Living without a water source can make life miserable so this is another instance where a standby generator makes a lot of sense.

Residential Water Well

Sump Pump

If your home has a sump pump and your power is out because of a storm...the last thing you want is for your sump pump to be out of don’t want to risk flooding.  

There are a lot of reasons to consider having a standby generator installed at your home, but one of the best reasons is the simple fact that it will make you and your family comfortable and thriving during power outages. 

If you’re considering having a standby generator installed for your home and live in the Northwest Arkansas area, contact Josh Patton from Patton Electric. Josh is a hardworking family man who understands that—home is everything. 

Patton Electric can help you get your generator installed safely and efficiently. 

Josh will help you determine the right size generator for your home in order to meet your home's needs during a power outage and can also help determine the safest placement for your generator. Making sure it’s placed away from windows, doors, and vents and in a place that you can easily remove snow and have a natural gas or propane hook up.

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