Surge Protection Service in Rogers, Arkansas

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One common hazard homeowners face is having their devices short from becoming overloaded. Without the right mix of surge protection and preventative care, your building is at risk.

In the Rogers, AR, area, you can find plenty of severe weather patterns all year. Tornadoes, winter snowstorms, hail, and floods are no strangers to NWA.

The best way to keep your home prepared is with Patton Electric. We offer professional surge protection services to prevent shorts and blackouts.

Not all power strips offer protection for your devices against surges and outages. Make sure you’re prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

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The Best Surge Protection Near Me Rogers, AR

Even the most expensive electronics can only take so much juice at one time. When the system becomes overloaded, it quickly shorts out any connected devices.

While you can’t stop a lightning bolt, you can restrict how much energy discharges. By limiting how many volts flow through circuits, you can prevent damage to electronics.

Our electricians can achieve this with whole-home surge protection that’s also offered at affordable daily pricing. No matter what caused your system to become overloaded, we defend your place from:

  • Lightning Storms
  • Faulty Wiring
  • Worn-Out Wiring
  • Electrical Motors
  • Crowded Outlets
  • Overloaded Circuits
  • Downed Power Lines
overloaded outlets

Power surges are responsible for killing consumer electronics and even larger appliances. Make sure your home stays safer through it all with our surge protection services.

Residential Surge Protection

When storms roll through, they can take your favorite devices with them. Smartphones, laptops, gaming consoles, and TVs can all be in a storm’s crosshairs.

While you can’t prevent bad weather, you can improve your surge protection rating. Defend your devices, appliances, and electronics whenever you see threatening thunderstorms.

Commercial Surge Protection

Businesses face expensive downtimes when their facilities encounter a blackout. Should vital equipment die from a power surge, you could end up being shut down for weeks.

The best solution to keep production moving is with our local electricians. Hire us now to keep your commercial buildings better protected against surges and blackouts.

What are Power Surges?

power surge

Power surges occur when there is either a drop in voltage or an overwhelming amount. They happen more often than you think, and even under standard operating conditions.

When your lights dim when your air conditioner kicks on, it creates a small surge. Power drains from the whole system to feed the new appliance switching on.

Even minor power surges can be fatal to some of your devices. If lightning strikes nearby or if transformers go down, the risk only grows.

The best way to be prepared for it all is to contact our electricians. Hire us today and keep your buildings safer from unexpected surges.

Surge Protection Near Me Rogers, AR

For some homeowners, power surges become a game of roulette where you bet your house. Power surges can cause minor interruptions to even electrical fires, making them dangerous.

Don’t leave your devices and appliances to chance. Hire us at Patton Electric for surge protection.

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