10 Ways to Save Energy At Home

One of the by-products of spending so much time at home is that you notice energy waste. Do you find yourself listening to the air conditioner turn on over and over throughout the day? In this article, we will discuss 10 ways to save energy at home this summer.

Summer Energy Usage

There’s no doubt that people use a significant amount of energy during the summer months. Sticky summer weather leads to more reliance on the air conditioner, causing a steep rise in electricity use. Still, there are terrific reasons to care about lowering your home’s overall energy consumption. 

using the air conditioner during summertime

Below are two of the best reasons to take steps to reduce your summer energy use:

Reduce Carbon Consumption

Who doesn’t want to conserve energy? We’re beginning to understand that our environment is fragile, and reducing our energy use is vital. You can lower carbon emissions if you can cut your energy consumption. 

Scientists believe that carbon emissions contribute to global warming. Evidence of rapid global climate change seems to be tied to how humans choose to live on this planet. Every step that you can take to lower your home’s carbon footprint will help to ensure a healthy environment.

save money on electric utility bill

Lower Utility Bills

Besides protecting the environment, saving energy at home helps save you money through lower utility bills. For example, if you maintain your thermostat setting at seventy-eight degrees during the warm months, you can save as much as 10% in energy costs. There’s no denying that reduced energy consumption translates into lower utility bills.

Fortunately, it's not impossible to reduce the amount of energy your family uses during the summer. Keep reading for 10 simple ways to save energy at home.

Simple Ways to Save Energy At Home

Don’t worry that we’ll suggest that you suffer through sweat-filled indoor days. It’s possible to cut your energy use while still enjoying cool indoor spaces on the hottest days of the year. These are the 10 ways to save energy at home during the summer:

1. Be Smart About the Thermostat

The thermostat plays a pretty commanding role in how much energy you use during the summer. We always suggest that you set the thermostat at the warmest temperature that still keeps you comfortable. Even a steady temperature of seventy-two degrees can save as much as 3% in air conditioning expenses.

Consider replacing an old thermostat with one of the new smart thermostats. You can even track your air conditioner’s energy use through a mobile app. The smart thermostat is one of the terrific ways to save energy at home.

set thermostat to energy saving

2. Fire Up the Grill or a Grab a Take-Out Dinner

Cooking outdoors helps to keep your kitchen cool on a warm day. You might also order a take-out dinner that helps out your favorite local restaurant. Your house will stay pleasantly cool while your family enjoys dining in the backyard.

Help to keep your family hydrated with cold, water-based drinks. Grillocracy has a host of tips for grilling outdoors on a hot summer day.

replace air conditioning filters

3. Replace the Filter in Your Air Conditioner

Did you know that switching out a dirty air filter with a clean one can save you 15% in energy costs? Experts suggest replacing the filters regularly, especially if you live with furry pets or in a polluted area. 

4. Opt for Cool Baths

Did your grandmother indulge in a refreshing bath at the end of a steamy day? If so, she was ahead of her time as we now realize the benefit of saying no to long, hot soaks. Try wiping down with lukewarm water instead of a blazing hot shower on those summer days when the air conditioner works extra hard.

5. Have Fun With Fans

Gone are the days of uninspiring fans. Today’s fans add style to the rooms in your home. What’s more, it takes less energy to run a fan than to operate the air conditioner.

house fans

6. Smart Electronic Placement

Amazingly, where you locate your television and other electronic devices matter. If the appliances sit too close to a thermostat, they can confuse it into thinking the room is too hot. Consequently, your air conditioner might run more often than necessary.

clean home hvac vents

7. Clean the Air Vent Covers

Take some time to examine the air vent covers in every room of your home. Are they clogged with dust and pet hair? If so, your air conditioner has to work overtime at keeping your house comfortable.

Give the vent covers extra attention at least twice a year. Along with the deep cleaning, there is power in a weekly dusting with a microfiber cloth.

8. Darken Rooms On Hot Days

It’s vital that you keep sunshine out of your home on hot days. Pull the drapes and close the blinds. You’re sure to notice a real difference when you implement this simple step.

open windows at night

9. Appreciate the Night Air

If you live in a place that happily experiences a drop in nighttime temperature, open the windows a tiny bit overnight. Huffington Post notes that this technique brings about a kind of wind-tunnel-like impact if you coordinate the fans and open windows.

10. Call In the Professionals

Don’t hesitate to call for a professional electrical service to improve your energy consumption. Electricians can help ensure that your power is not draining excess energy. Consultation on energy saving lighting and appliances, electrical wiring, and other home electrical work can save money.

Last Thoughts

Hopefully, you now know that you won’t need to go to extreme means to benefit from lower energy usage. Our 10 simple methods are inexpensive, practical energy-saving steps that you can take this summer.

Make this summer the season that you start saving energy. Our 10 ways to save energy at home are simple, no-stress ways to begin. Try them out this summer and start reaping the benefits of lower energy bills.

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